If you would like to learn how to draw, paint or how to paint a Byzantine icon in the traditional technique (egg tempera, natural pigments, prayer), or if you would like to discover the healthful benefits of painting and drawing to express feelings and rediscover memories as a means of therapeutic exercise, then please contact. Classes are available for both the novice as well as the experienced artist. Classes offered include:

  • Painting/Drawing Classes
  • Iconography Classes
  • Art Therapeutic Activities to Help You De-Stress

Alexsandar’s inspiration and passion for the arts and psychology, as well as his passion for inspiring others to create in more ways than one, is the drive behind his available classes. By taking part in one of the above listed, it is intended to help the participant get rid of stress, open up creative channels within themselves, and also gain the sense of achievement and fullness that cannot be gained otherwise.