Alexsandar is a Surreal artist, iconographer, and graphic artist. As an artist requires that the individual has an eye for detail as well as the passion for creativity and imagination, Alexsandar has sought to expound upon these precepts with a degree in psychology. Where the artwork of the Byzantine Icons does not standardly need a phycology associated with the painting, by understanding the spiritual and meditative aspects of the art and how such art is created, it is intended that more emotion is brought to life in his work.
In addition to Byzantine Icons and the surrealism which encompass a majority of his work, Alexsandar has focused his attentions on the merger of art and therapy into one. By using art as a means for treating traumas as well as to reduce stress related illnesses, it is the hope of Aleksandar to open up a new genre and expound upon the existing abilities of art and psychology.