Surreal artist, iconographer, and graphic artist, Alexsandar, knows that every artist needs an uncompromising eye for detail as well as a passion for creativity and a free-ranging imagination. Alexsandar has sought to expand on this by gaining a degree in psychology. Although the artwork of the Byzantine Icons is not traditionally studied with a psychological approach, by understanding the spiritual and meditative aspects of the art and how this kind of art is created, Alexsandar brings a deeper understanding and corresponding emotion to his work. In addition to Byzantine Icons and the surrealism that encompasses most of his work, Alexsandar has focused his attention on skilfully merging art and therapy. Alexsandar uses art as a means for treating trauma as well as a way to reduce stress-related illnesses and hopes to open up a new genre to explore this inspired marriage of art and psychology. As well as being a respected artist Alexsandar was teaching assistant for the Psychology Department at Arizona State University and this is where he earned his degree in Psychology. He was an assistant for the classes of “Effective Thinking” by renowned Polish professor Dr. Marek Wosinski. He is also currently working on a Masters degree in counseling with a focus on Expressive Art Therapy and Adventure Psychotherapy, seeking to expand his talent to include those who can find a way to communicate their feelings and their passion and talent through art. Following his qualification in psychology, Alexsandar has directed his artistic work in two specific directions, and he has done this so that he can encompass the spiritual and the scientific in his art therapy work.  The spiritual direction of his work is based on the traditional process of Byzantine iconography. The scientific direction of his art therapy has therapeutic and educational characteristics and this approach is based on the interpretation of psychological features, symptoms, emotional and psychological trauma, medical problems, and the entire gamut of mental disorders. In collaboration with Professor Dr. Marek Wosinski, Alexsandar works on the professor’s life coaching project, giving lessons in painting, icon painting classes and painting classes for therapeutic purposes.

Alexsandar has accreditation from other educational institutes: Drugs and the Brain – California Institute of Technology; Synapses, Neurons, and Brains – Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Neuroethics – University of Pennsylvania

There has long been a link between the arts and those who face mental challenges of different types, in that people who have struggled to communicate in other ways have found it possible to express themselves through art. Alexsandar, himself a deeply spiritual and artistic personality, has recognized the link that exists for art to lift the mood and even provide a form of expression to those who have had none. His study, qualifications, and passion for art all come together to provide a different approach to art that will benefit those with mental conditions as well as those who just love art! Alexsandar’s future plans include working with expressive art therapy and adventure based psychotherapy, but also with scientific study and research. This will be undertaken along with his other projects involving the visualization and painting of symptoms, mental disorders, trauma etc., interpreted through Surrealism. This project is educational, therapeutic and scientific and its aim is to show each particular disorder that is dealt with, in a different form, through the art. Another project that Alexsandar is working on is the writing of a book based on the artwork done with groups that will again be divided by disorder. The artwork is produced based on individual stories and symptoms. Artwork and stories will be published in the books.